Kitchen Eco Bar
Kitchen Eco Bar
Kitchen Eco Bar
Kitchen Eco Bar

Kitchen Eco Bar

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Made in the UK. The CONCENTR8ED kitchen eco bar will give you a sparkling clean kitchen while remaining plastic-free and palm oil-free.

What are eco bars?

Eco bars are a concentrated form of active ingredients. Each eco bar is the equivalent of 1-3 plastic bottles of product depending on how you use and store it. 

Stop paying for water

Liquid products are 60-95% water which is why water or aqua is listed as the top ingredient on the list. 

We think its best for your bank account and our planet if you add the water at home. 

Goodbye synthetic preservatives 

Eco bars need no synthetic preservatives to prevent mould and bacteria growth like water-filled products. Our products can't sit on shelves for decades, so make sure you use them within 12 months from opening.

No palm oil. Ever. 

We care about our forests and orangutang which is why you won't find any palm oil or palm derivatives in our products. 

Zero Plastic Waste 

Eco bars = no plastic bottles. Our bars come naked, plastic-free and with as minimal packaging as possible to save resources. 

Each bar eliminates the need for at least 1-3 plastic bottles, ~4 pieces of plastic and millions of microplastics. 

How to use the dish eco bar:

  1. Wet a sponge or cloth with warm water and use it to gently rub the bar and get a little product. A little goes a long way! 
  2. Clean kitchen surfaces are normal, adding extra product where needed and rinsing the cloth or sponge. 
  3. Optionally, go over surfaces with clean fry cloth or towel for extra sparkle. 


Kitchen bar (MINT) - Rinse-off cleaning product

Made from coconut oil, shea butter, olive oil and tea tree oil.