We're on a mission to eliminate the need for a billion pieces of plastic

Every CONCENTR8ED customer is helping us make this a reality. Will you join us?

What are cleaning concentrates?

Most cleaning products are 60-95% water in single-use plastic packaging

We think it makes zero sense to create plastic to transport water when we already have in our taps at home. So sell the active ingredients that eco-friendly cleaners can add water to at home. 


CONCENTR8ED  Traditional Cleaning Products
Recyclable + compostable packaging Single-use plastic packaging
Little to no water in formulations On average 60-95% water
Aussie-owned small business Mostly overseas-owned big businesses


Sarah Bassett zero waste cleaning products CONVENTR8ED

Where did the idea come from?

CONCENTR8ED founder Sarah Bassett came up with the idea two years into her zero waste living journey. She realised many eco-friendly products have high price tags due to fancy fragrances, charity donations and complicated packaging.

Sarah wanted to create something that matched and beat the prices of traditional (yet wasteful) products to remove the financial barrier from eco-friendly cleaning. CONCENTR8ED began as a soap-based bar solution to personal care and home cleaning needs. We've since innovated to a range of zero waste cleaning products but our mission has remained the same - providing plastic-free swaps at an affordable price. 

What will the future of CONCENTR8ED look like?

Our plan for CONCENTR8ED is to bring our manufacturing to Australia and power it with renewable energy. This isn't possible in our start-up phase, but every CONCENTR8ED order brings us one step closer.
We want to formulate a plastic-free solution to just about every watered-down, plastic-packaged household item. As the CONCENTR8ED club grows and more eco-conscious customers support us, we get closer to making this a reality. 

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