What is CONCENTR8ED's mission?
With our eco bars, we want to eliminate the need for a billion pieces of plastic. We're also committed to remaining a 100% palm oil-free company. We provide plastic-free and palm oil-free essential products in eco bar form at affordable prices.
Where are our eco bars made?
CONCENTR8ED eco bars are manufactured in the UK and we are based in the London. This means significantly less travel miles compared to manufacturing overseas.
Does CONCENTR8ED donate part of each sale to charity?
While many businesses donate or plant a tree with each order, we have chosen not to do this. That's because our prices would then have to be higher to make this charitable model sustainable. We want to make sustainable living affordable. By increasing our prices to be able to plant trees or donate to charity, we would make plastic-free and palm oil-free products less accessible.


How can an eco bar replace 1-3 plastic bottles of product?
Liquid products are between 60-95% water with a smidge of active ingredients. We take leave the water out so you can add it as home and instead make a plastic-free, palm oil-free bar with active ingredients only. This means you're not paying for water and plastic packaging - just active ingredients.
How do you clean with an eco bar?
For the bathroom and kitchen cleaning bars, simply wet a cloth and use it to gently rub the eco bar to transfer some product. Start small, a little goes a long way! Clean surfaces as you usually would, rinse cloth and wipe down benches with the clean cloth. Dry with a dry cloth or towel for extra sparkle. 


When is the "best before" date for eco bars?
Eco bars last for around 12 months from when you receive them. This may seem shorter than conventional products that come in plastic bottles and contain synthetic preservatives. Because eco bars don't contain either of these ingredients, they can't sit on shelves for years. We think that's a good thing!
How can I make my bars last as long as possible?
Get the most out of your eco bars by:
  • Using a small amount and adding more gradually if needed.
  • Keeping your eco bars away from water puddles, running water and strong humidity when not in use.
  • Allowing to dry thoroughly between uses with a soap holder or stand that allows air to circulate.
How many bottles is each eco bar the equivalent of?
Depending how how you use and store them, each eco bar can replace 1-3 plastic bottles of product.


Does CONCENTR8ED source palm oil sustainably?
Trick question! We're 100% palm oil-free.
Is CONCENTR8ED actually a palm oil-free company?
We certainly are. Palm oil is an environmentally destructive ingredient. The sustainable certification system has been frequently called into question by environmental groups, independent researchers and investigative journalists. It's almost impossible to know whether palm was sustainably grown, even with the certification. That's why we decided to ditch palm oil altogether.
What does CONCENTR8ED use instead of palm oil?
We use a combination of coconut oil, shea butter, mango butter, avocado oil, cacao butter, cacao butter, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil and castor oil. While these ingredients cost us more than using palm oil would, we think it's a price worth paying not to add to environmental destruction.
Wait, why is palm oil in everything if it's not essential?
Because palm oil is cheap. Most companies use palm oil because it maximises profits and is far cheaper to source than other ingredients.
Is CONCENTR8ED a plastic-free company?
The end product we deliver to your door is plastic-free. Unfortunately, some of our suppliers and deliveries still use small amounts of plastic. This is usually in the form of plastic tape on boxes and plastic label holders. We are also feeding back suggestions to reduce their plastic use such as swapping plastic tape for paper tape. We'll keep doing this until we see the change we need.


Do CONCENTR8ED eco bars contain fragrances?
Eco bars are formulated with active ingredients only. This means no unnecessary additives are added to eco bars. Many synthetic fragrance chemicals are linked to health problems and environmental harm. Natural fragrances such as essential oils are resource intensive to grow and process. Therefore, we only use them is they are actively needed in the formulation such as for antibacterial purposes. 
Do CONCENTR8ED eco bars contain essential oils?
Eco bars only contain essential oils if they are an active ingredient. For example, the kitchen cleaning eco bar is formulated with an essential oil blend with antibacterial properties. None of the body bars contain essential oils because they are a highly sensitising for many people.
Are eco bars natural?
The marketing term "natural" legally has no meaning and the term is not regulated. It's a word that's often used by businesses to greenwash consumers into thinking the product is better for their health and their environment. CONCENTR8ED eco bars are free of harmful chemicals, irritants and synthetic preservatives.
Are CONCENTR8ED eco bars chemical-free?
A chemical is technically any substance made up of matter. Water is a chemical, avocado toast is made up chemicals and even your body is made up of chemicals. But there are toxic chemicals that are harmful to the human body and the environment. Conventional cleaning and beauty products often contain carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and plasticisers. CONCENTR8ED eco bars are free from these toxic chemicals.
Do eco bars contain preservatives?
Because our bars contain little to no water, the need for preservatives is gone. Preservatives are mainly needed to stop bacteria and mould growing in the large amount of water in liquid products. Eco bars should be used within 12 months of receiving them.


I live in a hard water area. Will the CONCENTR8ED shampoo bar still clean my hair?
Depending on how hard your water is, you may find the eco bars are less effective. That's because the high mineral content in hard water can react chemically with natural soaps and leave a residue on your hair. Remove this mineral build up by clarifying your scalp with a baking soda wash and doing a ACV rinse while your conditioner is in.
Will the cleaning eco bars work if I live in a hard water area?
It depends. The eco bars may not foam up as much as they are formulated to. The high mineral content of hard water may also leave a residue on surfaces. If you have access to filtered or softened water, it's best use this to wet your sponge for cleaning.
Will the laundry eco bar work if I live in a hard water area?
It really depends on how hard the water in your area is. If you're not getting the results you want, try adding half a cup of baking soda to your wash to boost the laundry eco bar's cleaning power.


  • Always spot test bars on body, surfaces or clothes before using. 
  • Avoid contact with eyes. 
  • Colours may stain white clothes, towels, bedding and some surfaces.